'Viable pursues development and investment opportunities spanning the property spectrum, provides related services to clients, and has interests in mining, renewable energy, and large-scale agri-business.'


With decades of experience in the property and construction sector, the founders of Viable believe that they can build their own legacy and develop the next wave of industry leaders by demonstrating the behaviours they value.

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Viable is committed to ensuring that all staff buy in to a set of high standards and every project exceeds expectations. Our approach is underpinned by four fundamental values: Integrity, Stability, Transparency, and Vision.

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Our focus on quality investments and close relationships with customers and clients has led to our strong track record of resilience and mutual success.

The Viable Corporation team has decades of experience delivering landmark projects across the property sector, from residential to commercial, retail to industrial and, of course, mixed-use complexes. Through an end-to-end property development process, we are able to take a development from the sourcing of a specific parcel of land through to the completion of construction and further, to sales and letting. Viable prides itself on being a leader in the property development and investment sector due to an unmatched all-round capability that informs all aspects of our operations.

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The direction we choose to face is as important and the ground we stand on. Being honest in all we do builds trust. Taking responsibility and being accountable builds our strength of character. Being reliable and consistent in our character builds our dependability. And always taking the just course of action with fairness and sound judgement builds our credibility.


Being in control provides us with a sense of clarity and purpose. This control is strengthened by the clear and consistent communication we have with all stakeholders throughout the journey. Our integrity and stability give us the courage to have direct, honest, respectful discussions at every stage of our projects.


Much like the foundation of a property, a solid base is required to ensure that our organisation has the strength to withstand the pressures of change. Our underlying principles provide us with the resilience and fortitude to resist compromise, adapt through evolution, and be courageous and bold in our pursuit of success.


Change is constant. Adaptation is required when we choose to evolve. Being ahead of change and looking forward to innovation provides us with the ability to adapt and transform to take advantage of forthcoming opportunities. This allows us to create more sustainable projects with less environmental impact, building knowledge and wisdom.


Viable prides itself on being a leader in the property development and investment sector due to an unmatched all-round capability that informs all aspects of our operations.

Our ambition is to reach ever higher in our pursuit of value and impact, driven to ensure that all we work with and all that we affect have better lives. Through our commitment to our stakeholders and communities on every project we undertake, we know that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves, something that goes far beyond simple earning capacity and social impact. Together we are working to create a legacy that will stand for generations to come.

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Our goal is to fundamentally and positively change people’s lives by providing access to investments that are secured by quality properties around the globe.

We are cognisant that many years of effort, commitment, and emotion is behind every investor and their investment and respect that each investment is connected to a livelihood and the future security of lifestyle of loved ones. As such, we give each investor a commitment that we will work hard for them. We are bold and assertive, passionate and experienced, highly educated and well connected. We hold ourselves to the highest set of values and expectations.

At Viable, we aspire to be the leading property development and investment company on the planet, creating a prodigious positive impact on the lives of those that work with us, those we work for, and the broader communities that surround and benefit from our projects. It is truly amazing what can be achieved when we work together as a winning team. We encourage you to join us.

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